ARCUSplus offers support in strengthening your account management. We ensure that an approach, that is often ad hoc and reactive, is transformed into a proactive and structured working method. Account managers will deliver more added value and thus improve the quality of the business climate in their region or municipality.

We work with you to make the right choices for accounts, instruments, and partners. Our approach starts with a baseline measurement. This creates a razor-sharp picture of the bottlenecks that need to be addressed. We then formulate the real priorities, substantiate them, and determine which tasks are crucial and which are not. We use a practical and interactive approach. Your strategy is ultimately translated into a concrete account plan.

Our added value

With our Triple-A methodology (Analysis -> Approach -> Action) we bring your account management to a higher level. We detect customized strategic directions for better work processes, with more control over your accounts, the instruments to be deployed and the right cooperation partners.

What does this bring you?

• Broader internal and external support (and visibility);
• Less ad-hoc and ‘issues of the day’;
• More time for a proactive approach towards ‘accounts’;
• Quality of conversations goes up;
• Strengthening investment attraction and innovation;
• Greater opportunity for jobs through retention and expansion;
• Higher quality of service;
• Ultimately: a stronger local economy!

Our clients

ARCUSplus advises municipalities and regions in professionalizing services to entrepreneurs. In the recent period we worked on strengthening account management for many municipalities, provinces, and regions.

Services of ARCUSplus

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