ARCUSplus supports your company in finding the right location for your business. Based on supported and substantiated choices for the longer term. As a result, you will run considerably fewer risks with the operation of your new sales office, production plant or distribution center.

Our location studies are based on a step-by-step approach. The starting point is a well-founded program of requirements (PoR). This is translated into the right location factors – such as costs, personnel, logistics – including their weighting. Next, a longlist of locations is drawn up which fits within your search area. Based on specific desk research and data analysis, we ultimately deliver a shortlist of the most suitable locations.

Our added value

A thorough site survey is based on facts and not on assumptions and perceptions. It should match seamlessly with your set of requirements and wishes. We sharply assess the quality and development of the business climate and the available real estate in the various regions. We also use our knowledge of and networks in these regions to sharpen our recommendations.

This will give you:

  • A transparent and objective selection process, based on market facts and the future potential of cities and regions;
  • A choice of location that is not only based on low costs and available subsidies, but also matches your supply chain, labor market demands and growth ambitions;
  • An informed choice that actually contributes to the long-term stability of your business;
  • Access to local networks of regional development agencies and specialists (real estate, grants/incentives, labor market etc.) to optimally develop your facility.

Our clients

ARCUSplus works with companies that want to be located closer to their (potential) customers or intend to expand into other markets due to knowledge or cost advantages. In recent years we have conducted location studies for several companies.

Services of ARCUSplus

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