ARCUSplus offers support in professionalizing and structuring your marketing and investment attraction efforts. We help make strategic choices for markets, target groups and instruments. In a way that the proposition of your region, municipality, campus, or business location is focused on the right target groups, and the investment attraction results will improve significantly.

Our approach is pragmatic and based on years of experience in the field. Advice is to-the-point, and the plans are ready-to-use. In doing so, we can create support within your organization and between acquisition partners. We deliver concrete products and solutions, such as propositions, implementation plans and coaching & training.

Our added value

You can deploy us in four areas: 1) analysis; 2) strategy; 3) action plan and 4) execution. From a better understanding of the market, we make the right choices and pick the right actions. So that you can finally make progress and start farming. We don’t want our plan to end up in a drawer!

For you this will bring:

  • A realistic and well-founded picture of the real strength of your region or city;
  • Well-founded choices for target groups and markets, and a supported strategy;
  • Concrete instruments, immediately deployable to achieve results;
  • A higher effectiveness of your activities and your investment promotion: doing the right things right!

Our clients

We advise regions, municipalities and business locations on marketing and investment promotion. By now we have carried out assignments for almost all large municipalities and regional development agencies in the Netherlands, as well as several provinces and work locations such as business parks, campuses, and ports. We also worked for international clients in Germany, Denmark, the United States and Canada.

Services of ARCUSplus

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